N Taste 3 different types of dim sum
N Try both hot and cold local tea
N Visit the oldest temple in America
N Visit the very first fortune cookie factory
N See the vibrant alleyways of Chinatown
  Price: $65
dim sum in san francisco

2.5 Hours

dim sum in san francisco

7+ Stops

dim sum in san francisco

1 Mile

dim sum in san francisco

+4 Tastings

dim sum in san francisco


dim sum in san francisco


Experience Dim Sum & Chinese Tea in San Francisco

When was the last time you had dim sum? Ok, now when was the last time you had dim sum that was so delicious your dreamt about it for weeks? You’ll see the world’s first fortune cookie factory, taste different kinds of dim sum and tea (both hot and bubble tea!) and learn how Chinese immigrants made it to the Bay and their impact on San Francisco.
We will start our adventure on the outskirts of Chinatown. Our first taste is at a tightly packed local favorite. Ready to take on the walk, we’ll journey down the street of the infamous 10-cent haircut and learn how the sailors journeyed here in hopes of the American dream. Then, we’ll check out the fortune cookie factory and take a peek inside!
Next, we’ll try four types of hot tea in a local tea shop and learn about the role of tea in traditional Chinese medicine.  Then we’ll check out the oldest bakery in Chinatown, a church filled with pictures of the 1906 earthquake, and try bubble tea, a flavored iced tea drink with tapioca balls. Feeling refreshed, we head to eat more food! This time we’ll try a pork roll, unique to the neighborhood. We will end at Portsmouth Square with stories of the Gold Rush, in the exact spot it all started!  
Restrictions: Two participant minimum   
Can accommodate: dairy-free, gluten-free, Vegetarian
Stretchy Pants Knows Where to Find the Best Dim Sum in San Francisco


“Great tour! I am new to the city and this was the perfect way for me to learn some new things and eat delicious food! Would highly recommend!” -Billine

“The Stretchy Pants tour of Chinatown was great. Even though I’ve lived in SF for years, I learned a lot about what part Chinatown played in important events like the Gold Rush. The food was great and I’m always down to get boba, so that was a fun treat. Great way to spend a couple of hours!” -Tasha

“Our guide was very knowledgeable and fun to interact with! I would definitely recommend this tour to my friends visiting San Francisco!” -Stephanie