N Taste 3 styles of pizza

N Try 2 local beers

N See the first strip club in America

N Hang out where the Beat Generation started

N  See the oldest bar in San Francisco

  Price: $65 

pizza in san francisco

2 Hours

pizza in san francisco

7+ Stops

pizza in san francisco

1 Mile

pizza in san francisco

2 Slices of Pizza

pizza in san francisco

2 Beers

pizza in san francisco


Experience Local Beer & the Best North Beach Pizza in San Francisco

California-style! Clam pizza!  Who knew pizza could be so diverse? Pair pizza with beer, and we’re talking a match made in heaven.  Eat and drink your heart out. We’ll teach you the history of pizza and how it came to the North Beach district while showing you famous landmarks and tasting a few local brews.   
Start the evening at a stop with true old school Italian flair and talk about the Italian immigrant journey to the West Coast and the role of North Beach. Check out rare finds at a privately owned publishing house and learn about the Beat Generation that came through North Beach during the Summer of Love.  
Next, head to a local watering hole, known for its odd artifacts scattered across the bar, for a local craft beer. Afterward, we’ll go to a one-of-a-kind pizzeria with Sicilian-style (clam?!) pizza.  As we stroll around North Beach, we’ll take a peek at the church where Marilyn Monroe took her wedding photos, check out the first strip club in America and see a graffiti piece by the famous street artist, Banksy. After, we’ll stop for an award-winning slice in the heart of the neighborhood. We’ll end outside of the oldest bar in San Francisco for those who are thirsty for more.
Restrictions 21+ to attend, two participant minimum   
Can accommodate: Vegetarian
Best North Beach Pizza in San Francisco
Best North Beach Pizza in San Francisco


“The Beer and Pizza tour was great! Getting a flavor of the best pizza’s in town is always a highlight, but getting a chance to take a deeper dive into the families that make it all happen was very cool. There is so much history in North Beach!! I got way more than what I bargained for.” -Eric

“LOVED learning about the best pizza spots in North Beach. Overall, the tour was an excellent combination of SF history and culture quizzes, nifty food science facts, and pizza eating. I would definitely recommend this tour to tourist and SF newbies.” -Kevin

“Really delightful tour! As a local to SF, I had been skeptical about the pizza options in SF for a long time, and this tour showed just how much excellent pizza there is around. Also adding in a bunch of SF history I hadn’t heard before made this a fun, delicious, and educational affair!”- Mark