What’s Cooking? Antipasto, pizza dough, homemade mozzarella cheese, sauce, and pie


N Learn the dynamic history of pizza
N Make your own cheese!  
N Learn how to make the perfect marinara sauce
N Learn to make an apple pie
N Sharpen your knife skills (ha)
  Price: $125 per person 

Experience Pizza Making Classes in San Francisco

3 Hours

Full Meal




PIZZA, PIZZA, MORE PIZZA.  Stuff your face like no one’s watching, It’s your night out. In this cooking class, we teach you how to make the perfect pizza. You’ll make the dough, fresh ricotta, and cook tomato sauce from scratch.
We’ll start our class by learning basic cooking techniques from our chef instructor.  This is one of our more casual cooking class options, bring your own wine and take your time. After everyone feels prepared, we’ll break into teams to make our dough. Next is all about the cheese! You will learn how to make fresh ricotta from cow milk. We will then make tomato sauce, giving us a chance to flex our new knife skills.
Next, you’ll get an opportunity to use your creative side and come up with the perfect melody of toppings to showcase on your pizza (Hawaiian pizza? We’re not here to judge). Once all of our pizza parts are ready, it’s time to pick a style! Whether it be deep dish, pizza on the grill, or some other pizza fantasy, we can give you a bit of guidance on how to make your dream pizza, all while getting a mini lesson on the origin story of the pizza pie. 
While the pizzas are cooking, we’ll make our pies. We will go through a few different ways to make the perfect pie and let you go free. Once our pizzas are out of the oven, it’s time for the judges (that’s you guys) to crown the chef with the best pizza of the night. After we have completed all the cooking and cleaned up, we set the table for a family-style meal to taste our pizza masterpieces.
Restrictions: 10+ to attend, Can accommodate: Vegetarian
Pizza Making Classes in San Francisco
Pizza Making Classes in San Francisco


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