Ghost Walk & Food Tour in Fisherman’s Wharf

N  Taste famous clam chowder with sourdough
N  Hear stories of the ghosts of San Francisco
N Play antique arcade games
N  Wave to the wharf’s resident sea lions
N Taste Ghirardelli chocolate straight from the Square
  Price $65

2 Hours

+4 Tastings



Ghosts, slavery, seafood & sourdough

Think ghost stories are scary? Just wait until you see how much your pants will stretch on this walk. But who cares! There’s always the gym tomorrow… or not.  On our adventure through one of the oldest and most famous neighborhoods in SF, we’ll learn about some of the city’s most important staples: seafood, ghosts, and chocolate.   We will also say hi to the resident sea lions and check out an antique arcade, so bring your game face!
Start the tour by checking off a bucket list item and seeing the famous sea lions and hearing the eerie story of how they ended up at Fisherman’s Wharf. Are the goosebumps from the ghosts or the weather? We’re not sure but please bring a jacket!  
Next, we’ll warm up and try a San Francisco staple, clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. After that, we’ll check out old warships and hear about the sailors who came for gold but were kidnapped and forced into slavery during the gold rush.
Strolling along, we’ll see the hustle and bustle of the wharf, pass fisherman preparing their latest catch, and check out food stalls filled with the freshest shellfish. We’ll stop at the antique arcade and see the biggest collection of old games in the city, including some very creepy reenactments of historical executions. Boo! After, we’ll try some shellfish at one of the original local fish restaurants in the area.  We will end at Ghiradelli Square for hot chocolate and a few more tales of San Francisco.
Restrictions: Two participant minimum   Can accommodate: Gluten-free, Dairy-free
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  • Jess was our guide for the Chinatown food walk, and Kara was our guide for a separate tour. Both were fantastic! They're friendly and know the stomping grounds well. And most importantly (to me, at least) they led us to stellar food at places I'd never tried, even as someone who's lived in or near San Francisco for almost eight years. If you need help finding the best SF neighborhood places to eat/drink at, Stretchy Pants is the way to go.

    Nicole A. Avatar
    Nicole A.

    Happy we did this!

    Matt Avatar

    Jessica was a wonderful host. She offered insight from a local perspective and guided our group flawlessly. There was the perfect mix of history and modern interpretation during the tour and the food was all amazing. All the restaurant staff/owners knew Jessica by name which shows her status amongst the community

    Laura Avatar
  • Delicious food and a unique experience in the best Chinatown in the US! We felt very taken care of, especially since the staff at each of the places we visited knew Kara so well. Kara and her team have really done their research, and it shows!

    Aaron Avatar

    Very personal host. Learned a lot about the area, both historical and current information.

    Cara Avatar

    This experience was so fun and so personal. I really enjoyed it! Also very educational!

    LeRon Avatar
  • Fantastic experience! Great mix of culture, fun and food with a side of cardio haha. Would absolutely recommend to anybody unsure on where to start their food journey in Chinatown.

    Nick Avatar


    Glen Avatar

    Not to miss! Had a great time walking through Chinatown, learning about the area’s history, and the character of the neighborhood. Peter was a fabulous host, making everyone feel welcome and encouraging camaraderie in the group. The food was delish.

    Mark Avatar
  • This experience was really special and wonderfully put together. Our tour guide, Peter, was genuinely friendly and made sure we all had a great time. I bought this Dim Sum tour as a surprise for my husband's birthday and he loved it. My husband (who LOVES Chinatown and has been countless times) remarked that he saw things he never knew were there. We learned a lot and had some great food along the way. The reviews are right, show up hungry and you'll be fed plenty! We even had some special dietary requests for which they happily accommodated. Thanks so much Peter!!!

    Betany Avatar

    We had Kyra as our tour guide, and she was such a fountain of knowledge! I'm a San Franciscan, and I've always felt that I know the city like the back of my hand. Kyra showed me otherwise. She took us inside buildings I've walked by dozens of times but never thought to go into, and there was magic in every one. Plus, we had some of the best hole in the wall dim sum I've ever had! This tour really helped reignite the magic of SF for me.

    Lea Avatar

    Kara was incredibly flexible and adaptable for our group. Her tour was amazing and she was so knowledgeable about the both the food and the culture. We all left with smiles and full bellies and would definitely recommend to anyone looking to explore Chinatown from a local perspective!

    Kallista Avatar
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