dim sum in san francisco

3 hours

dim sum in san francisco

7+ Stops

dim sum in san francisco

1 Mile

dim sum in san francisco

5 Tastings

dim sum in san francisco


dim sum in san francisco


Join us on our Chinatown culinary journey, where you’ll discover the birthplace of the fortune cookie, indulge in an array of dim sum and tea, and delve into the rich history of Chinese immigrants. Our tasty 3-hour Chinatown food tour adventure takes us to the heart of Chinatown, where you will meet locals and witness firsthand the hustle and bustle of the oldest Chinatown in the country.

  • Full Meal: Dim sum, bubble tea, duck/pork roll and dessert
  • Tea Tasting: Sit with locals for a 30-minute tasting
  • Fortune Cookie Factory: See the oldest in the world
  • Small Groups: 10 guests per guide 
  • Children: 8+ (contact us for younger)
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free: We can accommodate you!
  • Private Tour Options: see our team building events page for more info

Explore, Eat, and Engage on this Chinatown Food Tour

+ Eat a dim sum feast, Full meal included
+ See the back alleyways of Chinatown
+ Sip on delicious, high-quality bubble tea
+ Taste a historical pastry from a local bakery
+ Visit the first fortune cookie factory in the world
+ Try Cantonese-style duck 
+ Learn and taste all about Chinese tea (30 mins)

Dim Sum Feast: We dive fork-first into the heart of Chinatown with a Dim Sum feast that’s oh-so-delish! As we munch and crunch, we’ll chat about the exciting tales of America’s eldest Chinatown, setting the perfect tone for our Chinatown food tour. Bring an appetite and curiosity!

Fortune’s Origins: Next, we journey to the magical world of the fortune cookie factory. Let’s sample a cookie (or five) and see if our fortune predicts a food coma!

Bubble Tea & Alleyways: After refreshing ourselves with the town’s freshest bubble tea, we delve deep into Chinatown’s storied alleyways. Here we uncover tales of the notorious gambling block, sailors, 10-cent haircuts, and dreams of a new world, adding layers to our culinary exploration.

Local Pastries: The adventure intensifies as we visit a heritage bakery for a Chinese snack. We marvel at a church that stood tall during the 1906 earthquake and step into the park that heralded the Gold Rush era, essential stops on our Chinatown food tour.

Cantonese Tastes: Weather check! If it’s sunny, we picnic in the park; if not, we cozy up in a local eatery. Either way, we brace ourselves for a Cantonese flavor explosion. Prepare to have those taste buds dancing!

Tea Traditions: As we wind down, it’s tea time, but with a twist! At a nostalgic tea shop, we sip, slurp, and learn. This is where we delve into why tea isn’t just a drink in Chinese culture—it’s a whole mood. And who knows? We might just make friends with a Chinatown local.

Whether a seasoned traveler or a curious local, this tour promises a deep dive into the vibrant soul of Chinatown. Secure a spot now and experience the authentic flavors and tales of our Chinatown food tour.

Dumplings on a private food tour in Chinatown with Stretchy Pants
Dim Sum & Chinese Tea in San Francisco



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