Explore 3 neighborhoods
Try and compare locally made chocolates
Taste the delicious history of SF’s sourdough
N  See the Painted Ladies in Alamo Square Park
Try unique seasonal ice creams in hip Hayes Valley
   Price: $58
San Francisco Victorians

2 Hours

San Francisco Victorians

7+ Stops

San Francisco Victorians

1 Mile

San Francisco Victorians

+4 Tastings

San Francisco Victorians


San Francisco Victorians


Experience Victorians & San Francisco Desserts

Willy Wonka lived his best life – am I right?! Skip the salad and go straight for dessert. While on this food walk, sample flavors from ice cream shops and compare San Francisco chocolates.  So go ahead, after the week you’ve had, you deserve this.
Begin in a café and try what locals call ‘fancy toast.’ Next head to a neighborhood market to look at the unique artisan treats, learn about artisan chocolate and grab a few samples for a taste comparison. Venture up our only hill (it’s not too bad – we promise) to see the historical Painted Ladies in Alamo Square. A perfect photo opportunity, these Victorian homes have the best views of the city. First one to sing the Full House theme song gets a prize!
Next, we’ll head down the hill to Hayes Valley. We’ll pass adorable boutique shops as we head to an ice cream store said to try the most unique flavors in the city. Without spoiling the experience, we’ll just say the last stops include a French treat. This tour ends in the heart of the city, with easy access to public transportation.


Restrictions: Two participant minimum   
Can accommodate: Vegetarian
Victorians & San Francisco Desserts
Victorians & San Francisco Desserts


“This was a dangerous tour for my sweet tooth! We had some of the best ice cream and pastries that I wouldn’t have found on my own. I loved learning more about the Painted Ladies and how desserts meant more than just eating on this tour.”- Michael  M

“This tour was fun and educational. Speaking as a San Francisco native, I learned a lot of cool history trivia that I never knew before and I can now share with my friends :)” -Joy

“I had an awesome time on this tour. Even though I’ve lived in San Francisco for several years, there were still plenty of interesting facts and pieces of history that I learned. The dessert locations and selections were all big winners with our group, and now I have them up my pocket to share with friends.”- Mike