San Francisco Food Gifts for Father’s Day


If you’re like us and love giving and receiving, high-quality food gifts then this post is for you. This Father’s Day, show Dad how much you love and appreciate him with any of these local, San Francisco Bay Area food products. From small-batch chocolates to traditional Chinese dumplings to fermented preserves, we’ve rounded up our top food gifts that are, dare we say it, 100-percent delicious and Father-approved.

So whether he’s an avid foodie, a somewhat-adventurous eater, or is a “boils water” kind of cook, these food gifts are fit for the king of the castle—or at least the ruler of the man cave.

Coo-Coo for Cacao

Founded in 2010 in San Francisco’s Mission District, this small-batch chocolate company sells some seriously-good confections. If your dad is a chocoholic then definitely pick up a bar or a whole gift set from any of the San Francisco locations.  In partial response to Berkeley’s Sharffen Berger chocolate factory shuttering, after being acquired by Hershey’s, owners, friends, and chocolate-lovers Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring decided they needed to bring small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolates back to the Bay Area. And t-God they did because this ish is incredible.

Take Dad to the chocolatier’s newest retail and factory location on 16th Street for a tour to fulfill your/his dream of being a character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or grab a bar or gift set to-go (after gorging yourself on the samples of course).  Bars start at $8.50 and vary in cacao percentage, or splurge on Pops and snag a 2018 vintage collection gift set at $200. You know what they say, “Go big, or go home.”  

San Francisco Food Gifts for Father’s Day

Photo Courtesy of Dandelion Chocolate

San Francisco Food Gifts for Father’s Day

Photo Courtesy of Kikoko

High Tea

  • What: Cannabis-infused organic tea from Kikoko

  • Price: Starting at $22

  • Where: Order online

  • Various San Francisco dispensaries

Tea time is not just for ladies anymore, especially when it comes to Kikoko’s cannabis-infused teas. Now, before you get all freaked out over a bit of Mary Jane, 1.) it’s legal in California and 2.) Kikoko uses the finest ingredients in order to create healing cannabinoid products.

The Berkeley-based company offers four teas with varying CBD and THC ratios, as well as infused honey sticks to help make the perfect spot of tea. You and Dad by no means need to be cannabis experts in order to enjoy this food gift. In fact, Kikoko provides a ton of information and literature to make sure you are educated on the teas before partaking in a Tea-H-C party.

So if Dad is a newbie looking to alleviate a bit of stress and anxiety, give him the Sympa-Tea, or if he’s having trouble sleeping perhaps a warm cup of Tranquila-Tea for a solid night’s rest. Or if you’re not sure what’s ailing him, give dad a gift box of all four of Kikoko’s teas for a Father’s Day food gift that’s hella dank.


Fun with Fungus

The very thought of this San Francisco food gift certainly sparks eyebrow-raising intrigue, but the experts at Far West Fungi are confident that forgoing traditional jerky for their awesome mushroom jerky is easy. Now, we probably know that your old man my be a little bit skeptical at first, but once you tell him that the spicy tree oyster jerky has the same flavor as pulled pork, we think he’ll be totally game. With a slightly sweeter and chewer texture than regular jerky, the fungi version offers plenty of health benefits without the fat and cholesterol of its meat counterpart.

Perfect for a quick bite while out on the trail, or simply as a healthy snack, you can pick up a bag of mushroom jerky at Far West Fungi’s Ferry Building stall. If Dad is a ‘shroom fanatic (No, not that kind of ‘shroom! Come on, people) then consider getting him a grow-your-own kit. It’s the food gift that keeps on giving to the fun-guy in your life. Ya, that just happened.

San Francisco Food Gifts for Father’s Day

Photo Courtesy of Far West Fungi 

San Francisco Food Gifts for Father’s Day

Photo Courtesy of Presidio Deborah Shaw

The Dumpling King

Perhaps one of the cheapest Father Day food gifts on this list, the expertly prepared dumplings, steam buns, and pancakes from Kingdom of Dumpling’s wholesale location in San Francisco are nothing short of awesome. While the wholesale shop is nothing terribly impressive to look at, it’s what they’ve prepared and frozen (at your convenience mind you) that really counts. The food here is made with care, and precision perfected out of years tradition and plenty of practice.

Whether your dad is into pork, chicken, beef, lamb, or veggies there’s a dumpling out there for him. All he has to do is fry it up in a pan. And for just a few meager dollars, you can gift dad a savory, chewy, flaky scallion pancake, too. Heck, go wild and get him five pancakes, because he’s worth so much more and dim sum.

Cheese and Thank You

  • What: Truffle Tam home kit from Cowgirl Creamery
  • Price: $75
  • Where: Online & 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco

This Father’s Day imagine watching your dad open up a beautifully wrapped box full of truffle and cheese. Wait, what? Did we just say a box of truffle and cheese. Yeah. Yeah we did. This exclusive food gift from Cowgirl Creamery is just as incredible as it sounds. Packed with two aged wheels of the famed Mt. Tam triple cream, a jar of black truffle pate from Italy, and a box of Cowgirl’s sea salt and olive oil crackers, this box of cheesy goodness is so beautiful we could cry.

Cowgirl Creamery’s signature cheese is rich and buttery with just a hint of mushroom-y funk that pairs perfectly with the fresh black truffle pate that’s been expertly blended with extra-virgin olive oil and salt. Created in partnership with fellow Ferry Building tenants Far West Fungi (Hey! We know those guys) this “DIY” kit allows Papa to eat like Italian royalty.

San Francisco Food Gifts for Father’s Day

Photo Courtesy of Cowgirl Creamery

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Photo Courtesy of Oaktown Spice Shop

Give It Some Tonic

If your dad is an aspiring mixologist looking for the latest and greatest ways to beef up his home bar, then you definitely need to get him this food gift for Father’s Day. Oaktown Spice Shop owners John Beaver and Erica Perez have been lovingly curating the gorgeous spices in their Lake Merritt store since 2011. Pick up one or all three of the tonic kits—including an original, elderflower, and lavender option—for your Pa to experiment with. Each kit comes with a recipe card and all the natural botanicals and spices needed to create homemade tonic water that’s better than the stuff out of the bottle.

While we understand the convenience of ordering one of these (aka all of these) kits online, we encourage you to stop into either of the spice shops for a truly immersive experience. The smells circulating through the shop are incredible as glass jars filled with exotic spices and herbs line the walls all the way up to the ceiling. And if you are wondering what the difference between pink and black peppercorns is, Beaver and Perez are happy to explain.


Liquid Gold

Described as liquid black gold, the mole negro (pronounced mo-lay) from Mole Diaz Bros is what dreams are made of. Stemming from hundreds of years of Oaxacan tradition, the Diaz family has carefully crafted this vegan and gluten-free sauce that tastes heavenly on top of everything. And we really do mean everything.  

The 16-ounce jar is made with “generations of love” and contains more than 20 ingredients, some of which are so secret that they’re not even named on the ingredients list. To the Diaz family, mole is a celebration of life, “A holiday. A feast. A fiesta!” So it’s no wonder why this food gift is perfect for tu papa. You can order a 12 pack of this magical stuff online, or we highly recommend stopping by Oakland’s Agave Uptown (run by chef Octavio Diaz, aka one of the Diaz Bros) to grab a jar and a meal.

San Francisco Food Gifts for Father’s Day

Photo Courtesy of Dana Plucinski

San Francisco Food Gifts for Father’s Day

Photo Courtesy of Erin Scott Studio

Plum Perfect

  • What: Ume plum jam and syrup from Yumé Boshi
  • Price: $14.50 & $17.99
  • Where: Online & Various San Francisco retailers

If being a winner of two 2018 Good Food Awards is any indication of how great this food gift is then we think Dad will approve. Made with locally-sourced California ingredients and crafted using artisanal and traditional Japanese methods, Yumé Boshi’s syrups and preserves are just like grandma used to make, that is if your grandma hails from Japan. With the goal of saving the disappearing art of Japanese preserve making, founder Ayako Iino couples traditional methods with modern culinary techniques to produce her high-quality umeboshi (a special fermented plum).

The results are complex preserves and syrups that instantly drop you off at salivation station. The ume plum jam is a little tangy, a little floral with a hint of bitterness that begs to be poured on top of vanilla ice cream, or, heck, eaten with just a spoon right out of the jar. The syrup, on the other hand, makes a killer cocktail full of assertive fruit flavors without the cloyingly-sweet aftertaste. And if Dad isn’t sure what to do with such a versatile food gift, Yumé Boshi offers plenty of suggestions on their website.

Popovers for Pop

A San Francisco classic, the Cliff House has been serving up meals to diners since 1863 so it should come as no surprise that their famous popovers are pretty much, well, famous. The fluffy, buttery, magical puffs are sold in a convenient pre-measured, perfectly-balanced baking mix, so all Dad has to do is follow the instructions before popping them in the oven. The end result of this food gift are a dozen popovers that Daddio may or may not share with you.

Order the mix online, pick it up at a local San Francisco grocer, or, better yet, treat your old man to a meal at the Cliff House (Psst, order their award-winning Bloody Marys) and grab a bag to go before wandering around the Sutro Baths and Lands End for a post-meal stroll.

San Francisco Food Gifts for Father’s Day

Photo Courtesy of Irene W on Yelp

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