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dim sum in san francisco

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dim sum in san francisco

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dim sum in san francisco

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dim sum in san francisco

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dim sum in san francisco


dim sum in san francisco


Venture into the heart of San Francisco’s North Beach—lovingly dubbed ‘Little Italy’. On this food and ghost tour, you’ll weave through a rich culinary landscape while delving into the spine-tingling tales that haunt this iconic district. A feast for both the palate and the spirit, this journey is an unforgettable fusion of food and phantoms. 

  • Full Meal: Anti-pasta, Italian sandwich, pizza, dessert
  • Spooky Stories: Unearth the chilling tales of the Gold Rush Era 
  • Small Groups: 10 guests per guide
  • Children: 8+ (contact us for younger)
  • Vegetarians: We can accommodate you!
  • Drinks Packages: Email us for details
  • Private Tour Options: see our team building events page for more info


This unique San Francisco ghost tour promises a taste of the supernatural and a deep dive into the heart and soul of one of the most infamous neighborhoods.

  • + Unearth the chilling tales of the Gold Rush Era 
  • + Dive into the captivating history of pizza
  • + Taste famed focaccia bread
  • + Take a quick sojourn into Haunted Chinatown
  • +Feel history come alive outside North Beach’s oldest bar
  • + Relish the local Italian flavors
  • + End on a sweet note with a renowned Italian dessert

North Beach Ghostly Hotel: Our gourmet ghost tour commences with a spine-tingling visit to the San Remo Hotel’s restaurant, the area’s oldest and our most haunted stop. Here, we dive into eerie tales of resident ghosts while savoring a delectable antipasto plate. This historic eatery provides the perfect backdrop for our exploration, intertwining paranormal encounters with a rich cinematic and historical setting.

A Stroll Through the Past: With a ghostly chill in the air, we’ll embark on the brisk historical walk of our San Francisco ghost tour through the neighborhood’s hidden corners. Along this path, we’ll peel back the layers of North Beach’s sinister past that still haunt its streets today. 

Washington Square Park: Our next destination is the iconic Washington Square Park, where we’ll sample legendary focaccia bread sandwiches at a beloved establishment. This bohemian gem, teeming with local patrons, is the perfect snapshot of the neighborhood. 

Unveiling Secrets at the Sailors: We then journey to North Beach’s most venerable landmark, the Saloon, a time-honored establishment with roots tracing back to the 1800s. On this San Francisco ghost tour we’ll unlock the chilling stories of kidnapped sailors who met their watery fate. Note of caution: entry to this storied bar is reserved for guests aged 21 and older.

A Slice of History and the Paranormal: Our appetite for history and the supernatural leads us to a beloved local pizzeria. Here, we don’t just savor slices; we delve into the cheesy history of pizza, offering a delightful and tasty interlude—notably, the most wholesome stop on the ghost tour!

Chinatown’s Mysterious Charm:  As our curiosity remains aflame, we embark on a short journey just a few blocks away to the enigmatic realm of Chinatown. We’ll explore additional haunted locations in its labyrinth of streets.

A Sweet Conclusion: Our hauntingly good time on this San Francisco ghost tour culminates with a dessert stop at a local watering hole renowned for its ties to the Beatnik era. This final indulgence adds a sweet note to our day of history, legends, and gastronomic discoveries.

Best Food in North Beach San Francisco with Stretchy Pants
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Best Food in North Beach San Francisco


Add a bit of excitement to the ‘wine and dine’ portion of your next business trip vacation or Tuesday (why not!?).  We customize your private cocktail and/or food walk to fit your needs in one of our select neighborhoods. If you book a private food tour experience with us, we can customize any food walks to fit your needs. We can also meet at your hotel or office and create an itinerary that fits you and your time in the city. Our base price starts with our standardized tour rates, but we are happy to add more.

To make an event private, you must buy a minimum of 6 seats, and we have multiple package options available. For more information, email us at or download our ebook below.

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