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dim sum in san francisco

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dim sum in san francisco

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dim sum in san francisco

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dim sum in san francisco

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dim sum in san francisco


dim sum in san francisco


Street Art? Latin Food? Hipster Vibes? Dive into a journey that’s bursting with flavor, culture, and stories. Our Mission street food tour is a delightful blend of San Francisco’s rich history and gastronomic wonders.

  • Full Meal: Super Taco, deep dish, Pupusa, chocolate
  • Mission Dolores Church: See the oldest building in SF
  • Small Groups: 10 guests per guide
  • Children: 8+ (contact us for younger)
  • Vegetarians: We can accommodate you!
  • Private Tour Options: see our team building events page for more info


  • Taste a taco from the best taqueria in town!
  • See the oldest buildings in San Francisco
  • Learn how chocolate is made while tasting it
  • See the magical Murals of the neighborhood
  • Visit an off-the-beaten-path pupuseria
  • Hear haunted stories of the Mission
  • Taste local Detroit-style pizza

Kickoff at the Taqueria: Our Mission food tour adventure begins in the heart of the Mission at a renowned taqueria, known for its ‘super’ taco. As you bite into this treat, we’ll dive deep into San Francisco’s storied past and debunk some myths about California’s burritos.

The Women’s Building: View the cornerstone mural of the Mission District—the renowned Women’s Building. It’s not just its striking murals that captivate but also its deep-rooted legacy of female empowerment and activism. As you stare in awe, we will discuss the powerful women who run the nonprofit that maintains all the murals on this Mission food tour.  

Iconic Grocery store: As our culinary expedition continues on this Mission food tour, we’ll pause at the legendary Bi-Rite Grocery, an embodiment of San Francisco’s commitment to quality, local produce. Beyond just a grocery store, Bi-Rite stands as a testament to the city’s farm-to-table ethos, sourcing from local farmers and artisans. As we stroll through its aisles laden with fresh, seasonal offerings and artisanal goods, we’ll delve into the store’s rich history, understanding its pivotal role in shaping the city’s gourmet landscape.

Mission Dolores Park: after a quick peek at a local grocery store, we’ll step into the verdant heart of the Mission District at Mission Dolores Park. Beyond its breathtaking city vistas, this park represents San Francisco’s vibrant fusion of history and community connection. As we take in the surroundings, we’ll touch upon its historical significance and its special role in the city’s diverse tapestry.

Misión San Francisco de Asís: We journey to one of San Francisco’s most venerable landmarks, Misión San Francisco de Asís. Often referred to as “Mission Dolores Church,” this historic site is a profound reminder of the city’s Spanish colonial roots. On this Mission food tour, we’ll discuss its foundational role in San Francisco’s early history and its enduring spiritual and cultural significance.

Hipster Pizzeria: As we journey deeper into the city’s culinary heart, we’ll land at a pizzeria that perfectly encapsulates the fusion of hipster vibes with Detroit-inspired authenticity. Square, deep-dish, and crisply caramelized at the edges, the Detroit-style pizzas here are a nod to Motor City’s rich pizza legacy, yet they’re served with a modern, local twist. Amidst the city’s bustling hipster dining scene, this spot stands out for its tasty squares.

Clarion Alley Street Art: We’ll then navigate to the vibrant Clarion Alley, a pulsating artery of the Mission District’s street art scene. Every spray and brushstroke tells a story, capturing the city’s political, cultural, and social narratives. As we walk amidst this ever-evolving tapestry of murals, we’ll discuss the artists’ inspirations, the alley’s grassroots activism origins, and its role in San Francisco’s contemporary urban dialogue.

Salvadorian Pupuseria: We’ll then whisk you away to a local Pupuseria, a hidden gem in the Mission District. Renowned for its authentic Salvadorian pupusas, this spot is a testament to the neighborhood’s rich culinary diversity. As the scent of freshly griddled pupusas wafts through the air, we’ll delve into the history and craft behind this beloved dish, all while immersing ourselves in the warmth of Salvadorian hospitality.

Local Artisanal Chocolate Haven: As we near the end of our Mission food tour, we’ll step into a revered chocolate store emblematic of San Francisco’s dedication to handcrafted, bean-to-bar creations. Delve into the intricate world of cacao, savoring every nuanced flavor. As we sample these luxurious confections in liquid form, we’ll celebrate the art and craft that defines the city’s chocolate scene.


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Add a bit of excitement to the ‘wine and dine’ portion of your next business trip vacation or Tuesday (why not!?).  We customize your private cocktail and/or food walk to fit your needs in one of our select neighborhoods. We can also meet at your hotel or office and create an itinerary that fits you and your time in the city. Private tours on weekdays are a six-seat minimum buy-out. Feel free to email us at info@Stretchy-pants.com for more information on private groups.