Pizza & Bar Crawl

Pizza & Bar Crawl

Pizza & Bar Crawl

Pizza & Bar Crawl



N Taste 2 styles of pizza
N Try local beers
N See the first strip club in America
N Hang out where the Beat Generation started
N  See the oldest bar in San Francisco
N Starting at 5:30pm Wednesday-Sunday
  Price: $65 


pizza in san francisco

2 Hours

pizza in san francisco

7+ Stops

pizza in san francisco

1 Mile

pizza in san francisco

2 Slices of Pizza

pizza in san francisco

2 Beers

pizza in san francisco


  • Max Capacity: 12 (Contact us for bigger groups)
  • Start & End Location: We end 7 blocks from the meeting location, Outside Golden Boy Pizza 
  • Includes: Two slices of pizza, 1 drink and a dessert. The first drink is on us! Then it is on you.
  • Can Accommodate: Vegetarians
  • 21+: Must be 21+ to attend this drink and food tour
  • Sustainable Travel: Please bring your own water bottles to reduce plastic waste
  • Parking: It is hard to find parking in this area and parking lots are expensive at night. We suggest public transportation or giving yourself 20 extra minutes to find street parking. One parking lot option is SFMTA-North Beach Garage but prices vary.


California-style! Clam pizza!  The options are endless in San Francisco!  Pair pizza with beer and we’re talking about a match made in heaven.  Eat and drink your heart out on this journey through San Francisco’s “Little Italy.” On this food tour we’ll teach you the history of pizza and the story of the beatniks, while showing you famous landmarks and tasting a few local favorites.  This immersive drinking and food tour is filled with hidden gems and local watering holes you are sure to love. 



  • Eat Sicilian pizza while learning the dynamic history of pizza in the US
  • Try a few local beers
  • See where Marylin Monroe and Joe DiMaggio ‘got married’
  • Learn the story of the Italian immigrants of North Beach 
  • Try a California style slice from an award winning pizzeria 
  • Visit Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s local bookstore and publishing house 
  • Taste a local Italian dessert 
  • Visit the outside of the first strip club in America 
  • See one of the oldest bars in North Beach

Start the evening at a stop at a one-of-a-kind pizzeria with Sicilian-style (clam?!) slice. With 80’s grunge vibes, this spot is the perfect place to sip on a local saison beer while “mangia-ing” on a cheesy slice. While we snack, we’ll discuss the history of pizza on the west coast and why we think it’s overlooked as a prime pizza location. 

Feeling primed and ready to learn, we continue for a walk around North Beach.  While we explore we’ll discuss the Italian immigrant journey to the West Coast and how North Beach became, what we think is, the perfect fusion of Italians, hippies, and beatniks. As we stroll around North Beach, we’ll take a peek at the church where Marilyn Monroe took her wedding photos, check out the first strip club in America and see a graffiti piece by the famous street artist, Banksy. 

Afterwards, we’ll stop for another slice at an award-winning location in the heart of the neighborhood. Here we will try some California style pizza and learn the story of Tony, a local hero. To top off our meal, we will head to a local bakery to taste a traditional Italian dessert.

Full and ready for another drink, next we head to the oldest bar in San Francisco to experience the city’s first dive with some very interesting characters. After that, we will check out rare finds at a privately owned publishing house and learn about the Beat Generation that came through North Beach during the Summer of Love.  We’ll end our experience by heading to a true local watering hole, known for its odd artifacts scattered across the bar. Here we leave you with a list of other fantastic pubs to keep the party going if you wish. 


Pizza in San Francisco
Pizza in San Francisco
Best North Beach Pizza in San Francisco
Pizza in San Francisco
Best Food in North Beach San Francisco



“The Beer and Pizza tour was great! Getting a flavor of the best pizza’s in town is always a highlight, but getting a chance to take a deeper dive into the families that make it all happen was very cool. There is so much history in North Beach!! I got way more than what I bargained for.” -Eric

“LOVED learning about the best pizza spots in North Beach. Overall, the tour was an excellent combination of SF history and culture quizzes, nifty food science facts, and pizza eating. I would definitely recommend this tour to tourist and SF newbies.” -Kevin

“Really delightful tour! As a local to SF, I had been skeptical about the pizza options in SF for a long time, and this tour showed just how much excellent pizza there is around. Also adding in a bunch of SF history I hadn’t heard before made this a fun, delicious, and educational affair!”- Mark

Closed for COVID-19Updated 6/29/20

Due to COVID-19 and San Francisco’s Shelter in Place order we are temporarily closed through August 2020. Currently, we are due to open in Phase 4. If you have an existing reservation, please contact us for rescheduling. If you would like to support us, please purchase a gift card.  For the latest updates, recipes and more please join our newsletter! We look forward to serving you again one day soon.


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